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Or should it be why aren’t you wary of dairy?  If you are a minimal or non consumer of dairy then well done big pat on the back, make yourself a nice cup of tea with oat milk, sit back and feel smug.  If you chug back the white stuff with gay abandon happy in the knowledge that you are strengthening your teeth, bones and general health then read on my friend i have a few truths for you.

Today I am going to explore my first reason for being dairy wary.

Cows milk is for calves

Ok you knew that, its hardly rocket science but think about it. All mammal’s milk (including humans) is specially designed for the young of that species. It is cleverly made up of the exact nutrients which that particular species needs to grow.  Cows milk contains on average three times more protein than human breast milk which is commonly believed to cause detrimental problems when consumed.  These problems, and the sciencey bit behind it will be explored later on but the main message is why are we the only species that consumes milk after we have been weaned especially that of another animal.

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